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We're Fraserburgh Fitness Centre.

Established 2000.

There are many great reasons to exercise such as improving your energy levels, boosting your mood, and helping you sleep better, but it is also proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. On top of all that, an overall approach to fitness and well being helps tackle potential health related illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

The current NHS recommendations for most adults is to do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity per week, that might sound like a lot if you’re a beginner or you have a busy schedule but Fraserburgh Fitness Centre recommends breaking that down to exercising for 30 minutes five times a week, also that 30 minutes could even be two 15 minute sessions or three ten minute workouts, to fit your physical ability.

So if we encourage you to put your first foot forward in December rather than January our Experts have some great advice to keep you focused and on track with your ongoing health and wellbeing journey, so you don’t become resolution statistic and give up a few months in.

Overnight miracles do not happen, so you need to manage your expectations from day one Consistency is the answer, so developing a good routine is key to sticking to your goals. Your mood and energy levels will get a quick boost, but it takes time to see physical changes so just keep going your rewards will come. A healthy approach should be for life not just for January.

Albert Ross - Chairman and Founder



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Shane Weir

Assitant Manager
Health & Fitness Instructor at Weir Into Fitness




Siobhan Matthew

Fitness Trainer



Claire Coull

Fitness Trainer


"Best gym in the Fraserburgh area! The gym facilities are great with loads of good quality equipment. The staff are so wellcoming and helpful, couldn't ask for better.
I love the kickboxing classes, again great equipment and wellcoming instructors. So glad I started these classes."
Ryan Harrison
Ryan HarrisonCustomer
"Best gym in fraserburgh and surrounding area love it. Staff are all helpfully and willing to help from changing the music to helping with exercises/products for sale. Personal trainers are all great very knowledgeable on all equipment and nutrition. the facilities like no other in fraserburgh."
Marquee Lane
Marquee LaneCustomer
"Every time I visit Fraserburgh from London, I find that improvements have been made to the gym. This visit was no exception (new benches and machines have been added). I've trained at, owned and worked at gyms for 32 years and it is pretty much as good a gym as you could hope for. - very tidy, where all members put weights away - suitable for advanced and novice trainers - dumbells that go up to 60 kg - ever improving cardio equipment - excellent music played in gym (I loved it at least) - belts, straps etc available to use for members - two power racks - huge amount of free weights and benches - ran by people desperate to provide a top grade fascility for the community - never standing still. Always looking to improve."
George Whyte
George WhyteCEO

Our Partners

For many years our Charity has worked closely with Andrew May Building Contractors as they have been the main contractor responsible for the building of new parts of the building aswell as additional interior work to improve the facility.


Our neighbours at Fraserburgh Rugby Club have asserted themselves as a competitive side in the BT Caledonia League. We do our upmost to support the team with memberships at a discounted rate to ensure they get addequit training for their games ahead.