Developing and building the youth of today!

Our Satorishido Martial Arts Instructors have always taken great care with their Junior Students to ensure their confidence and skill is gradually built up at their own pace!


Our Karate classes have been on going since 1997. These classes started with just Mr Ross but are now taken by a team of various Instructors and assistants, all who are dedicated volunteers looking to help the Students build confidence, develop their skills and grow as people.

From the Instructors -

"I started out training under Mr Ross when i was 8 years old and can say its a way of life now. I enjoy every aspect of martial arts and take great delight in seeing my students progress and develop on their own journeys."
James McRobbie
James McRobbieKarate Instructor - Black Belt 2nd Dan
"Seeing the Junior Kickboxers develop and grow over the past few years since starting the classes up has been one of the most rewarding experienced i have had the pleasure of being a part of! I cant wait to help the students develop further over the coming years as they begin to compete more regularly across the country from as young as 5 years old!"
Shane Weir
Shane WeirKickboxing Instructor - Brown Belt Second Stripe